Kirk Greenway

What is the impact of what I do?
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The average impact for a Henry Schein Practice analysis is $92,000
-4 out of 5 Hygiene Departments LOSE money!
-The average hygienist produces $600-$800 per day
-Imagine if each of your hygienists produced 2-3 times the average!!
Holes in your schedule?
The average retention rate for a dental practice is 42%
Profitability through Efficiency
Your cash flow is determined by SO much more than just "getting the lowest price on dental supplies"
How many do you need for your model?
Are you attracting the TYPE of patient you desire?
The average practice gets 20-25 new patients per month

How much do you pay per year to train your entire team?
Doctors consistently rank Team Harmony as one of the biggest concerns they have as practice owners. Imagine the power of being able to motivate your team and patients as well as overcome resistance to change!
The average practitioner loses $200-$500 per DAY in coding errors. I have personally been trained by the foremost authority on this subject to help you capture these dollars as well as protect your self legally.
If you aren't coding correctly then you aren't being compensated correctly.
-Cash Flow
-Case Acceptance
-New Patient Flow
-Hygiene Production in excess of $100,000 per year
What differentiates your practice from others and how will you get the word out?
Why would a prospective new patient choose your practice over another?
Human Capital is the biggest investment you have in your practice.
You MUST protect that investment!!  We can help you with formal training for hiring/firing, compliance with workplace regulations, drafting/implementing policies...
Social Media is THE MOST powerful marketing tool in the world!!!
If you are not harnessing the power of Social Media you are missing out...and it is FREE in most cases!!!
FACT: It is impossible to have great overall health long term without having good oral health
This is the cornerstone of your practice and we must train your team how to use this message to your full advantage!!!
What is your exit plan?
If you don't know where you are going then how will you know the best way to get there?
Effective Teeth Whitening Program
Most Dental Practices are losing whitener sales to TV, Walmart and Drug Stores. The danger in this is when your patients buy whitener from these places:
-We don't get the referral when their friends ask them how they             whitened their teeth
-Someone that is now excited about their smile may be more receptive          to our message of why they need to be in our continuing care                      program
-Patients that whiten their teeth may have more elective procedures              they want completed
Contact me today if you want to implement an effective whitening program in your practice