That is certainly a fair question. What separates me from the stereotypical “traveling secretary” in the market place is that I don’t sell dental supplies for a living; I grow practices and solve problems.  My total value proposition is comprised of a “best in class” team, proprietary solutions, and a support network second to none. As compensation for growing their practice and solving their problems my clients purchase from me what they naturally have to buy anyway; dental materials and equipment.
My job is to uncover what is preventing each practice from enjoying the profitability and quality of life they deserve. Once this is accomplished I use my knowledge, resources and team to provide a solution to assist the doctor in closing the gap between where they are and where they desire to be.
I’m not here to be everyone’s dental supplier. It is my vision to partner with a select group of doctors who desire to take control of their practice and create the business they dream of. I am accountable to this process. I stand behind the solutions and recommendations my team and I make. We are committed to always doing what is right and helping others create the practice of their dreams. We FULLY understand our stake in your dental practice and the mutual benefit of your success.
The benefit to working with me is my ability to assist a doctor in creating the practice they desire. Practices no longer have to be reactive and take what they get. Nor can they expect to just hang out a shingle and expect to be successful. I make it a reality to create the practice you dreamed of when you made the decision to become a dentist. The practice that creates the income level and quality of life you deserve.
I made a bold commitment not too long ago to create a service / solution that NO one else in the market place could deliver but me. In order to do that I had to determine what I was going to change about who I was as a dental professional. The result was identifying what my strengths are in this role:
•Best in Class Team I have formed
•Resources I have available to me
•Desire to be the best
•Drive and work ethic
•Proprietary Solutions
•Willingness to do things differently from the “norm”
•World Class Training I receive from Schein as well as continuously expanding my knowledge from books, mentors, speakers, and         colleagues
•Ability to simplify processes and make them more effective. To get away from the mentality of “the way we do things today is simply                 because that is the way we did them yesterday”. I want to implement the MOST efficient, MOST effective operating procedures available           to you and your team.
I understand that my value offering is very different from my competitors and I like it that way. You are the CEO of what is or what will be a $1,000,000+ corporation. CEO’s make decisions differently from sole proprietors.
As the saying goes: If you will do what other people won’t. You will be able to do what other people can’t!
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So Why Should You Partner With Me?
Kirk Greenway